Welcome to "Undoing Denial." This is a serious issue-oriented blog.

"Undoing" and "Denial" are known to the world of psychology as defense mechanisms, ways that we protect ourselves from disturbing information about ourselves and others. Putting the two words together, and then searching the web, I discovered that the most frequently accessed use of the phrase "undoing denial" is located in material published by The Course in Miracles.They seem to mean ending the process of denial. "Undoing," in the way I intend it to mean for this blog, is the way I have been struggling to accept and do something about the massive shift of the US government. This shift is from the balance of powers between the Executive (the Bush Administration), the Judiciary (the Supreme Court and lower federal courts), and the Legislative (the two houses of Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives) toward the tyranny of the Executive branch.

I do not want to believe it is occurring (denial) at the same time I want to do something that will be so effective that the balance of powers will be restored, and the US will turn away from the road to dictatorship (undoing). I shuttle between denial and undoing, being blind to what is happening and being omnipotently able to undo what I know is happening.

This weblog will present stark material and arguments about US government actions (Undoing Denial). The weblog will also present any worthwhile material and arguments that contribute toward denial that US government actions are so terrible, after all (Denying Undoing). Both approaches are my native voice; the weblog, however, has only the one title.

Welcome to Undoing Denial.