The Constitution

One of the dailyKos writers, Kagro X, has written a series exploring impeachment. This particular installment explores the constitutionality of the “imperial presidency” discoveries of the last year. These separate discoveries include theNSA screening of telephone calls, the issuing of signing statements wherein the President can fail to observe any law he deems to be contrary to national interest, and the monthly subpoenas of SWIFT international banking data ostensibly to screen for terrorism. His article is a thoughtful and extensive exploration of the legal standing of impeachable offenses. You will find it here.

Kagro X has evidently studied law–by the internal evidence of the post to which I’m pointing. A search at the daily Kos web site shows that he is a frequent writer, one of the diarists.

7/1/06 Edited to clarify the original non-specific “banking data.”


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