For Thought

I would like to highlight two blogs with impressive and thoughtful posts. One is Ambivablog, which won my heart by titling a blog to represent one’s ambivalence, a place between the radical fringe and the solid middle. The author has a thoughtful post on a particularly articulate savant with Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism, named Daniel Tammet. The post you are looking for is titled “Thirty-seven is lumpy like porridge.”

The second blog of note is Eteraz, which is notable for the long essays on aspects of Islam by a thoughtful educated American, once an atheist, who writes long posts on Islam, and Islamic thought in the present world. The author is a born-again Muslim, whose roots were the teaching of a mauldi in Pakistan, and whose education included Martin Buber and Jacques Derrida. His blog site is Eteraz. A notable post is the one titled “Jews are apes and swine.”


One thought on “For Thought

  1. thanks for stopping by

    funny you found both me and amba (ambivablog). she’s a close friend of mine. awesome person. read her a lot. she’s great.

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