Amazing! Bush Literary Likenesses

Definitely political, and definitely amazing.

There is a string of literary allusions that have been submitted by people who read Nicholas D. Kristof’s column in the New York Times about historical and literary descriptions that fit the administration of George W. Bush. At least that’s what I think the column was about. The outpouring of additional suggestions is wonderful to behold. It is hearwarming to know that so many literate people have been pricked in their well-educated consciences by George W. Bush. There are so many posts that one could make a book of days – one submitted literary or historical post per day for (so far) as many days as stretch from now until the first primaries next year. Please read as many as time allows at this link. It is a TimesSelect link; if you do not already belong to Times Select, you can join for a free 100 items per year.


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